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Everyone deserves to lead a happy and healthy life whether that’s racing at an elite level, or just enjoying the journey.  Our training philosophy is built around communication with our athletes and individual, customized planning based on proven methods learned from some of the greatest in our field.

Our clients span a broad range of age and ability.  Maybe you're looking to qualify for Boston, compete in an Ironman or just looking to have some fun racing and staying in shape.  We're here to help guide you through that process in a healthy way.

We're having a blast!  We'd love for you to join us!

Runner and fountain

Like many athletes, running and triathlons completely changed the course of my life.  I found so much joy in meeting up with friends to train, spending time on the trails and going to races together.  I was hooked immediately.


​This racing journey started in the 90's with a $200 used bike and a Duathlon.  Here we are years later after 100's of races that include many half and full Ironman's, Marathons and Ultra's, as well as Boston Marathon.  Besides having a blast, so much has been learned through these experiences.  The most important was that this is my passion!

When I began Be Fit and Train in 2015, it was to immerse myself in something that I love and to share that with others.  Since then, I have worked with clients of varied backgrounds and abilities and helped them accomplish things they never thought possible.  That experience includes everything from beginners who have never run, then gone on to finish an Ironman, to crewing at some of the most prestigious Ultra runs and rides in the world.

My clients tell me I’m approachable, available, and supportive.  If I’m not talking with them or analyzing their data, you can find me on the trails with my friends and my pups or hanging out with my awesome hubby.



RRCA Level II Running Coach

McMillan Running Coach

USA Triathlon Coach

UESCA Ultrarunning Coach

ISSA Personal Trainer

Healthy Running Coach

Slowtwitch Swimming Coach


Ultra Runner

100 mile finisher

2 Time Ironman

Smoky Challenge Adventure Run Finisher (SCAR)

Boston Qualifier/Finisher

Los Locos Multisport Team

Memphis Runners Track Club (MRTC)

Crew Chief/Pacer:

  • Spartathlon 2022

  • Badwater 135 - 2018, 2019 & 2021

  • Pinhoti 100 - 2020

  • Brazil 135+ - 2019

  • Down Under 135 - 2019

  • HURT 100 - 2019

  • Natchez Trace 444 - 2018

  • Tunnel Hill 100 - 2017

Big Hill Pond Walking Tall 25k

Michelle Bingham


I started off my athletic journey playing soccer.  I was very average as a kid, and played mostly for friendship and Dr. Pepper after the games.  Over the years, my commitment and work ethic grew, and I found myself taking the sport more seriously, including club play and being the captain of my high school team.  In addition, I discovered I loved running and joined the track team in high school.  I was not the most naturally talented or athletic, but I loved to learn about the sport and how to maximize my own running.  


I was fortunate to get an opportunity to play soccer in college, and I continued to run recreationally on the side.  After a significant knee injury in my mid-20s, I was told by several physicians that I would not be able to run or play soccer again.  I was determined to defy the odds and started cross training in the pool and on the bike.  Like most beginners, I could barely make it across the pool before I had to stop and rest.  I decided to join a master's swim class to learn how to swim, which introduced me to my new lifelong friends and the world of triathlon. My goal, which had been to return to soccer, was replaced with my newfound love of challenging myself in endurance sport.      


I was hooked on triathlon from my very first race, and I have since competed in many races from sprint to ironman distance.  Along the way, I have also been able to continue to run, which is a lifelong passion.  I am always looking to show gratitude on the race course, encourage others, and get the very best out of myself on race day.  I have experienced the highs of meeting big goals like qualifying and running the Boston Marathon, as well as the lows of disappointing races, injuries, and setbacks.  I understand what it is like to have to really work to achieve your goals.  I know I did.  I know what it is like to have the desire to find your best and truly commit to the journey; but as well, I know what it is like to have big work commitments and/or a young family that needs attention. I truly enjoy helping others find their inner athlete and help them redefine what they think is possible.  Running and triathlon are my passions, and you will often find me getting updates on obscure track races or re-watching old ITU triathlon videos when I get a tiny bit of free time from work as a physical therapist and mom to two young, fabulous kids. 

Damie Roberts, PT, DPT, MS




RRCA Level II Running Coach

USA Triathlon Coach

Doctor of Physical Therapy


3 Time Ironman with 10:49 PR

Boston Qualifier/Finisher

USA Triathlon All-American

Ultra Runner

Los Locos Multisport and Wattie Ink Alumna

Runner Family
Ironman Finish
Runner Family



I played different sports here and there but was mainly a dancer growing up.  I loved it and went on to dance in college and subsequently for the NBA.  While in school to become a Physical Therapist, I began running.  My goals just kept getting bigger and bigger and then I found Triathlon.  I loved it more than anything I have ever done because I enjoyed the hard work and pushing myself to see what I could accomplish.  It is such an encouraging and positive aspect for all parts of my life.


My triathlon career began in 2007 and I loved it right from the start!  I loved the challenge and the community, as well as meeting and exceeding my goals.  I was especially drawn to how supportive all athletes were of one another.  The sport and the people are so uplifting.


The run was always my best, and I enjoyed continuing to get faster, but after having my twins in 2014, biking became my cornerstone.  I struggled with swimming at first, as I had never swum competitively, or even had more than a few lessons as a child.  But my endurance and mental game with the swim has improved with consistency.  This is the area I continue to work on the hardest!


Through my consistency and hard work, I placed 1st in two 5k’s and two sprint triathlons, while also placing at local and regional races.  By far, the highlight of my triathlon journey was competing at The Ironman 70.3 World Championship in 2017.  I totally soaked it in and will be going back to World’s in 2022 in New Zealand!  I have competed in the full Ironman as well as a half dozen or so 70.3’s, and too many Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons to count!

While my role as a mom continues to grow, my focus changes to doing fewer races.  I still enjoy being part of the community and training.  I also want my kids to see mom being fit and working hard.  I continue to find peace and balance with each stage of my life while realizing our needs, schedules, and priorities change and knowing this affects the type of races we want to be involved in from year to year. 


As a Physical Therapist, I love treating runners and triathletes because I know it is possible to work on our mechanical bodies and get back to racing, training, and enjoying this sport.  I just love seeing athletes have the ability to accomplish their goals, when they thought it wasn’t possible.  I look forward to being able to help people train, not just to race, but to avoid injury and pitfalls. 

Ashley Bradford, PT, DPT




RRCA Running Coach

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapist


Ironman finisher (Arizona): 12:06

USA Triathlon All American

Memphis Thunder Racing Elite Member

Age Group Nationals Qualifier (several years)

2 Time Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier

Runner Strength
Runner Family


Running has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was always active in sports growing up and ran track in middle and high school. I started running for fitness more than 20 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Running gave me an outlet from the stress of my day-to-day life and a community that was supportive and fun. I started running local 5Ks but quickly became interested in longer distances and triathlons. I competed in my first triathlon and ran my first marathon in the early 2000s, and I immediately fell in love with the training – the research, the planning and scheduling of workouts, trying new tactics, and especially the long run.  


Over the years, I have qualified for the Boston Marathon five times, completed three Ironman triathlons and various ultras, including a couple of trail 50 milers. While I love competing in any kind of race, it's the weeks and months of training and preparation leading up to an epic race that bring me the most joy and fulfillment. I also enjoy helping others reach their goals. There is nothing better than seeing someone complete a race distance for the first time or set a new PR. After all these years, I still get filled with so much emotion watching the finish of a race. 


As a coach, my goal is to offer customized plans to help athletes reach their goals and for them to truly enjoy the training. I am excited and proud to be a part of the Be Fit and Train team of coaches who are so passionate about the sport of running and triathlon and the individuals they coach. When I am not working as a coach and advertising professional, I spend most of my time outdoors with my three pups.

Terri Harris


Terri Hat Backwards


RRCA Level II Running Coach

ACE Personal Trainer

MS Health Studies


Boston Marathon Qualifier/Finisher

Leadville Marathon

Ultra Runner

3 Time Ironman 

Terrapin Racing Team

Terri Gravel
Terri S2F Finish
Success Stories


"I LOVE working with you!!  You are so supportive and flexible with my insane schedule.  You understand and respect balancing work and family life, which is SO hard!"



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