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Why hire a personal trainer?  Sure, you can work out at home or go to the gym, but do you?  That's the biggest reason people hire a trainer.  We all need motivation.  It's helpful to have a plan and to have someone keep you accountable.

It's a lot of money, is it worth it?  We spend so much money on clothes, dining out, and our pets!  Aren't you worth it? Consider coming once or twice a week and I will provide homework you do on your own.  I will even ask how your other workouts went over the past week.

What kind of fitness can you help me with?  Below are a few, but give me a call and we can discuss your needs!

Firm & Tone | Athletes & Injury Prevention | Core Strength | Weight Loss | Balance & Strength for Aging Adults

We are not accepting any new Personal Training clients at this time.

Strength Training for Runners and Triathletes

Personal Training Services


  • Consultation - give me a call and let's chat about your goals and answer your questions - always free!

  • Initial assessment - we'll discuss your training and exercise history along with any injuries you've experienced - also free!

  • Personalized training plan - this is built around your goals

  • No setup fee or contract! - You only pay for the training provided

Don't hesitate to reach out for special needs or requests!  I'm always open to discussing options.

$65 /hour
$40 /per person/per hour
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