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​​Why hire a coach?  You can definitely train for a run or a triathlon without a coach.  If you are the type of athlete who is self-motivated, knows how to create and vary workouts throughout the week appropriately while creating a periodized plan that has you peaking on race day, then you might be fine on your own.  Otherwise, a coach will listen to your history and goals and create a plan that is customized based on your ability, past injuries and lifestyle so you can concentrate on the fun part!

Am I fast enough for a coach?  I'm surprised how often I hear this question.  You don't have to be fast to benefit from or justify having a coach!  Coaching is for everyone.  It's not how fast you are that dictates the need for planning and guidance.  There is a goal in mind you want to achieve and hiring a coach takes the guess work out of it so you can enjoy the journey.

It's a lot of money, is it worth it?  You buy a great pair of shoes, awesome apparel and probably a great bike.  You've likely signed up for races and maybe even bought plane tickets and a hotel room to that race.  Why would you stop short of the finish line?  A good coach will assess your fitness level and create a customized plan that will take you through all phases of training to maximize your potential on race day.

Running Track

Coaching Services

  • Consultation - give us a call and we can chat about your goals and answer your questions - always free!

  • Initial assessment - we'll discuss your past training and racing history and any injuries or other issues

  • Personalized training plan - this is built around your goals and your schedule

  • Form analysis - if you're local, we'll meet up and out-of-town athletes can submit a video for review

  • Free Personal account in Training Peaks - this allows you to sync your training data and receive your plan weekly

  • Supplemental training - including strength and flexibility

  • Race planning and preparation - we'll spend time discussing the game plan prior to race day and review post race

  • UNLIMITED email/text/phone contact

  • No setup fee or contract! - You only pay for the training provided

Don't hesitate to reach out for special needs or requests! We're always open to discussing options.

$145 /month
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